How I Started

I've always liked telling stories. Even in my career as a software developer, I realized that my passion was to teach and inform. This started a long road to become a filmmaker.

When I was eighteen, I saw the first documentary that really affected me: Streetwise:


I sat there watching this film about homeless kids in Seattle and something amazing happened. I got engaged with the story of real people first the first time. It was the first time I realized how important storytelling was to me. Making documentaries has been a special gift. It has allow me to ask difficult questions of myself while exploring the lives of the people around me. I love it.

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Hatching a Plan

I knew that I wanted to make films. In this year, I sat down with a Cinematographer friend and asked her how films were made. Soon after, I bought that first camera and started to learn how to shoot films.

Short Films

After a year of trial and error, I finally had filmed and edited my first two short films. It was a triumph to see how the tools and techniques could gel into cohesive narratives.

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Hello World
The First Feature

After five years of hard work, me and my team finished my First feature-length documentary: "Hello World". It took longer than expected, but we found a distributor and released it in dozens of countries.

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"Don't Worry, I'm Fine"

I am going to continue to make films. I've been working on a new film since we got to 'final cut' on Hello World. This film is a more personal story than even Hello World was. I admire all the people involved in this film as the topic of childhood sexual trauma is one that needs to be told.

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Don't Worry, I'm Fine